Flobama is a hip hop/electronic producer & performer from Austin, TX. He has recently gained notoriety for his show-stopping fingerdrumming performances using 2 samplers, and weekly installments of beat videos using his collection of vintage Casio synths.

„Watching the beatmaker go to work on a pair of Roland SP-404s, fluidly finger-drumming with one hand while conducting samples with the other is to witness an exercise in coordination and craft, not unlike a concert pianist. His recurring beat videos like Bump Day and Synth Sundaze are a head-nod inducing delight to scroll upon on Instagram. The well-produced clips find the local creating in real time – mostly live, without loops – in a variety of settings with various instrumental tools. Tight grooves, nasty breakbeats, and highly melodic sections can all come into play in a minutelong bop.“ (The Austin Chronicle)

He played shows together with Blue Lab Beats, Shigeto , DJ Maseo (Delasoul), Tha Alkaholiks, Cloudchord, Astromega and Boombaptist and is set to play many more soon.


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