Flobama - Warp Mode (Digital Album)

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Flobama is a hip hop/electronic producer & performer from Austin, TX. He has recently gained notoriety for his show-stopping fingerdrumming performances using 2 samplers, and weekly installments of beat videos using his collection of vintage Casio synths.

On Warp Mode, Flobama draws from over 10 years of production experience to showcase his ability to mangle, melt, and distort sounds, with a penchant for lush textures, bizarre sound effects, & his uniquely immaculate sense of neck-snapping swing.

The album is a spaceship ride through many styles, from sample-chopping boom bap, melty synth-fusion, hard-swinging neo soul, heavy lofi beats and jazz!

released May 1, 2020

all songs produced + mixed by Flobama
mastering: A Better Tomorrow
album artwork: Richard Santos
Format: WAV
Format: WAV